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Sarah Parker-Eaton and Louise Hibbert Collaboration

Sarah and Louise met at the Chelsea Crafts Fair in London. Both were struck by the themes, inspiration and interpretation that their work shared. Their working processes turned out to be remarkably similar: both were inspired by the same things, drew out designs in a similar way and could therefore interpret one another’s thought and drawings very easily. Collaboration, to combine their two very different skills in equally different material, was natural and exciting project.


A meeting between Louise and Professor David Thomas, an Oceanographer at the Marine Science Laboratories at Bangor University, led to an incredibly productive period for both artists. David introduced them to planktonic organisms and they we able to see live organisms under the microscope under David’s instruction and guidance. Sarah writes of this: “By using modern microscopy we explored the movements, interactions and myriad forms displayed by planktonic organisms. We then began to design together, sketching and discussing the various elements that appealed and carefully planned each object.” The word stunning is no exaggeration for this work.


David Thomas recognised the value of their work and in conjunction with David Roberts - the School of Ocean Science’s talented graphic artist and photographer – put together a beautiful website of their collective work - it really is an Aladdin’s cave These images are also reproduced on our site