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Haeckel - Challenger Radiolarian

Haeckel was invited to analyse the samples and prepare the report for four groups of organisms collected during the HMS Challenger Expedition – these organisms were his great love..  They comprise three volumes collected together into a single volume (Volume 18) of the Report of the Scientific Results of the Voyage Of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-76).  The first two parts contain the taxonomic descriptions, the images 140 beautifully crafted lithographs are in the third part; apparently there are also 9 woodcuts (I’ve never been able to locate the latter, but they may be embedded in the text)   Here the Biodiversity Heritage Library excels itself, as for no apparent reason, the third part with the images has been omitted in this part of the collection of the HMS Challenger reports.  It does appear elsewhere in the collection (see below) under the singularly unhelpful description “No volume title”.  To make things worse the scanned images are of exceptionally poor quality, furthermore as far as I can determine Plate 113 is missing.   For the gallery, I have put together a composite of images from the Heritage Library and the Bossard sites.   The quality is not good and the whole set needs scanning de novo – any volunteers.


Biodiversity Images:

The images in the Bossard collection are well organised and easy navigate.   They are grouped under four taxonomic headings: