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Haeckel - Challenger Medusae

Haeckel was invited to analyse the samples and prepare the report for four groups of organisms collected during the HMS Challenger Expedition.   His report on the Medusae is in Volume 4 of the report ( Report of the Scientific Results of the Voyage Of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-76).   His report contains 32 images of medusae, some fully coloured some monochrome.  Copies of the Report are available in a limited number of libraries (Southampton University, Marine Biological Association and the British Library in the UK,   The Marine Biological Laboratory and Dartmouth College in the US are the ones I am aware of – if you know of others please let me know).   As the full set runs to 32 volumes and as the publication is now nearly 140 years old, its limited distribution is not surprising.   Digital images are available at two sites – the links are given below.   The images on our Web Site has been down loaded from the Biodiversity Library website and then converted from JP2 to JPEG format using Contenta Converter software.  An alternative set of images are available in JPEG format at the Bossard site , but there are gradations in the background - a persistent problem of scanning from bound works.