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Louise Hibbert

Louise is a designer-maker who graduated from University of Brighton in 1994 in 3D design - specialising in Wood and Plastics. She makes both practical items (salt and pepper mills, bottle stoppers) but has focused much more on creating whimsical one-off pieces – boxes and vessels.

In her own words: “ My ideas derive from an exploration of form, texture, colour and symmetry. Inspiration has always been dominated by a fascination with the natural world, particularly marine life, and I use wood to reproduce and emphasise certain decorative aspects that these creatures possess and combine them into single pieces. After careful planning on paper, each piece originates on the lathe and then carving, airbrushed inks, and applied resins are used to create the required effects.”

The majority of her work is made from native kiln-dried timbers. Sycamore is her favourite as it has a pale, even grain, to act as a blank canvas for her designs. Louise has a wonderful sense of colour and the translucent quality sycamore makes the colours glow in a similar way to those of the creatures who inspires her work.

Her present work is on display for sale at the following sites: