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Introducing "Art from the Unseen": Join us for an exciting new venture showcasing the talents of local artists in an exhibition during the Autumn Arts Week Festival in Beaumaris, scheduled for October 2023. Inspired by the mesmerizing world of ocean plankton, this exhibition, aptly named "Art from the Unseen," aims to forge a connection between art and the microscopic wonders of the sea.

Haeckel’s Work:

Art Forms in Nature. (1998) edited by Olaf Breidbach, Irenaeus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, Richard Hartmann, Prestel, pp. 139, 100 plates.  This is a reprint of Haeckel’s original illustrations, published over 1899-1904 as Kunstformen der Natur.

Art Forms from the Ocean. (2010) edited by Olaf Breidbach, Prestel Verlag, 35 plates of Radiolarians from Haeckel’s Die Radiolarien (1862).

Art Forms from the Abyss. (2015) edited by Peter Williams, Dylan Evans, David Roberts, David Thomas, Prestel, pp.144, 50 plates from Haeckel’s contributions to the Challenger Reports (Volumes 4, 18 and 28).

Visions of Nature: The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel. (2006) Olaf Breidbach, Prestel, pp. 303.

The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel. (2017) Rainer Willmann and Julia Voss, Taschen, pp. 704, 450 plates, 7.14 kg!!  verily the complete art works of Ernst Haeckel.

Other Work

Alister C Hardy: The Open Sea: The World of Plankton. (1956) Collins, pp.335.

Hilda Canter-Lund and John W G Lund: Freshwater Algae – Their microscopic world explained. (1995) Biopress, pp. 360, 600 colour & b/w photos.

Guido Mocafico: Medusa. (2006) Steidl, pp. 64, 20 plates.

Per Robert Flood: Fjord: Life in the Hidden Universe of the Deep. (2014) Skald, pp. 327.

Christian Sardet: Plankton - Wonders of the Drifting World. (2015) University of Chicago Press, pp. 224, 550 colour plates.

Drew C Harvell: A Sea of Glass. (2016) University of California Press, pp. 215, 50 colour prints.

Elizabeth R. Brill and Florian Huber: Sea Creatures in Glass. (2016) Scala Art Publishers, pp. 112, 100 colour images.

Web Pages

Silent Plankton Web Site ( contains collections of images from: Holly Sumner, Louise Hibbert, Sarah Parker-Eaton, the Louise Hibbert and Sarah-Parker Eaton collaboration, Alister Hardy, Alfred Meyer and an extensive collection of Ernst Haeckel’s images.

Additional sites with images and art:

Holly Sumner:

John Dolan:

Robert Kraus:

Christian Sardet: a collection of images from his book and an interesting video may be found at:

Guido Mocafico: a collection of images from his book may be found at https ://

The Art of Ernst Haeckel: exploring Ernst Haeckel’s plankton images from the 19th Century expeditions of the H.M.S. Challenger.